Crillavi reinterprets the leash with the patented concept.The Leash with its double solid brass snap-hookscan be easily unhooked from the handle when it is necessary to fasten the dog to an anchorage such as a restaurant chair, thereby preventing the Bracelet from getting dirty by touching the ground and it can be changed with the new collections by getting a”double color”  accessory and thereby following your personal style.

The Complete Leash Small is crafted entirely in Italy in fine tuscan vegetable tanned leather and it is hand-finished by the best luxury artisans. It is a superior product,  made with superior quality  and not artificial or chemically processed. It has details of true Made in Italy which make Crillavi products accessories unique in style.


It is the dog accessory par excellence, but what really makes it even more precious are the personal details contained in it, allowing a pet to be readily identified in case he/she gets lost. The brass buckle and the half ring, as well as the valuable mustard-yellow leather

of Tuscany, fully express Crillavi’s know-how and expertise. Our Collar is a perfect combination of robustness, elegance and convenience.


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The Crillavi Products are crafted in fine tuscan vegetable tanned leather. The manufacturing process of vegetable tanning exclusively uses vegetable tannins and it is free of toxic substances such as chrome which can cause allergies and damages to the environment.

Unique is the new iconic Crillavi Leash. It is made up of the “Leash” and of the “Bracelet” which revolutionises the concept of handle so as to be patented.It allows tohook more than one dog to a sole handle and to take off theBraceletwhen it is necessary to fasten the dog  to an anchorage such as a chair, thereby avoiding it touching the ground and getting dirty and it is possible to change it with the new collections. In this way youcan get a double colour accessory and follow your style.